100 Club Draw

The 100 Club Draw is a great way of supporting your local village hall and Church, whilst hopefully winning you some prize money!

Prizes:   5 draws per annum

    1st prize  £50

    2nd prize  £30

    3rd prize  £20

    4th prize  £15

    5th  prize  £15

All prize winners are contacted to notify them of their prize money!

All proceeds are split equally between the Wyvern Hall and Wylye & Fisherton Church.


How to join?

Thank you to everyone for supporting the 100 Club Draw.

We are looking for more local people to join the Draw in April 2017 for the next year.

Cost:     £15.00 annum paid annually or 

            £3.75 quarterly by standing order mandate.

Please encourage friends and family to join as well, the club needs a  minimum of 100 members to exist.

If you wish to join the 100 club please contact Richard Newell on richnew8616@btinternet.com

Prize winners

October 2017 Prize winners
1st Prize £50 Caroline Roger
2nd Prize £20 Denise Lovett
3rd Prize £20 Richard Newell
4th Prize £15 Jenny Wilcox
5th Prize £15 June Howes

August 2017 Prize winners
1st Prize £50 Lucy Cassels
2nd Prize £30 Frances Richardson
3rd Prize £20 Jackie Williams
4th Prize £15 Julia Finch
5th Prize £15 J Emmerson

April 2017 Prize winners

1st Prize - £50 Diane Lovett
2nd Prize - £30 Ivan Halliday
3rd Prize - £20 Lady Delia Napier
4th  Prize - £15 Caroline Lewis
5th Prize - £15 Pam Newell.

February 2017 prize winners

1st Prize £50 Mrs Fiona Mather

2nd Prize £30 Mrs Jackie Williams

3rd Prize £20 Mrs Caroline Rogers

4th Prize £10 Mr Chris West

5th Prize £10 Lord Michael Dobbs

November 2016 prize winners

1st Prize £50 Mr & Mrs Skuce

2nd Prize £30 Lord Dobbs

3rd Prize £20 Mrs Emmerason

4th Prize £15 Mrs Pam Twichett

5th Prize £15 Mrs Rosumunde Lyell

September 2016 prize winners

1st Prize £50 Mrs J Allen

2nd Prize £30 Mr & Mrs T Daniels

3rd Prize £20 Mr J Haviland

4th Prize £15 Mrs K Froggart

5th Prize £15 Mrs B Annetts


28th April 2016 prizewinners

1st Prize £50 The Rev Mary Garrard

2nd Prize £30 Mrs R Thompson

3rd Prize £20 Mr N Fox

4th Prize £15 Mr D Rumbold

5th Prize Mrs R Davis

4th July 2016 prizewinners

1st Prize  £50 Thomas Cox

2nd Prize £30 Linda Bush

3rd Prize  £20 Frances Richardson

4th Prize  £15 Peter Annetts

5th Prize  £15 Phillip Lush