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Annual Reports



2nd June 2015 at 7.00pm at the Wyvern Village Hall



Apologies: Jackie Williams, Isabel Wright, Elisabeth Holbrook.

Present: Ann Haviland (Chair); Sylvia Carpenter (Vice Chair); Lucy Cassels (Hon Secretary); Isabel Wright (Hon Treasurer); Deanna Barnett (Booking Officer); Jackie Williams (Publicity Officer); Bridget Taylor (Catering Officer); Susan Younge (100 Club Officer); Sylvia Walton; Rodney Carpenter; John Haviland.

Tom and Biddy Cox; Mike Dixon.

Minutes of the last meeting dated 10th June 2014 signed by the Chairman.

Chairman’s Report for the Parish Council AGM on 20th May 2015

And for Village Hall Committee AGM 2nd June

The new committee for 2014/2015 is functioning well and all are sharing the administrative responsibility. Our AGM is on 2nd June at 7pm 2015 at which we will serve wine and nibbles.  It is our hope that the same Committee will continue as is, for another year.

Hall Maintenance.  Advice has been sought and quotations received from various sources and it has been decided that the hall floor should be covered with 12mm exterior ply or chip board and the whole then covered in commercial quality vinyl flooring yet to be chosen.  This will cost about £4,800.  A grant from the Area Board has been applied for and it is also hoped that The Parish Council will  make a donation towards this cost.  An officer from the Area Board who visited the hall advised that at the same time we should apply for a grant towards a screen, projector and sound equipment which will cost about £5,000 as it would be seen that the Committee would be making efforts to upgrade the hall and make it more attractive to would-be renters.  This equipment purchase had been raised before at a committee meeting and a grant would make it viable.

The Committee would also like to purchase 2 more long tables,  making eight in all, and another trolley for chair storage which would  make for ease of putting chairs up and out. £100 for each item.

The Hall rental charges have been increased to £10 per hour with a minimum hire fee of £20 and £20 for full kitchen use. £100 for a day (8 hours). The increase in the rent has been staggered with half the increase for the present year to  regular users i.e the Karate and Morris Men, Wylye Wallflowers and Toddler Group.   All these groups will pay the full increase next year.

Fund-raising events.   The Christmas Fayre on 15th Nov. 2014  raised  £759.86. There was an excellent Soup Lunch served in the Hall on March 21st and £276.76 was raised for hall funds. £600 was received from the 100 Club. There is to be a coffee morning on 30th May at Hazel House which will raise money for Fete expenses.  Further fund-raising with two bridge afternoons on 3rd and 4th June will be shared with the Church, again at Hazel House – these will attract guests from outside the village which is very welcome as it is usually the same people in the village that give support to any fund-raising. There will be a Musical Soiree on July 9th from which the Hall will receive 50% of the profit, the other half going to the artistes towards their expenses.


Treasurer’s Report:  See attached Financial Activities and separate Balance Sheet.

Nominations and Election of Committee. 

The Committee will remain the same for the next year.  Mike Dixon proposed and Biddy Cox seconded this proposal.


Notes for Diary:

Musical Soiree on 9th July at Bapton.


Any Other Business:

The coffee morning on 30th May raised £548 raised for fete Funds and then divided between Church and Hall equally as is the fete funds raised.

The grant application for repairing the Hall floor and the Sound System has been granted - half the total cost being £5,000.  The Committee will decide at a later meeting about the sound system etc but the floor repairs will go ahead and due notice will be given about the closing of the hall.


The Morris Dancers requested more storage. Mike Dixon was concerned about the quality of the new vinyl for the floor which may be damaged by the Morris Dancers’ sticks. This will be taken into account when looking at vinyl.


John and Ann Haviland are away from 21st July to 6th September.  Deanna Barnett has volunteered to do the necessary safety checks in their absence.


Registered Charity No. 275015



Balance Sheet

For year ending 30th April 2015


                                                          2013/2014                                    2014/2015


Current Assets                                                                                

Stock                                                       -

Current Account                                  4404.84                                             3,663.03

Deposit Account                                 5701.36                                              6,583.43

Number 2 Account                             1073.                                                     818.00

Petty Cash                                              17.54                                                   54.00   

TOTAL ASSETS                            11,196.74                                             11,118.46




Wylye 100 Club Prizes                      650                                                        650.00

Total Liabilities                                  650                                                        650.00

Net Assets                                                  10,546.74                                                  11,468.46          





Restricted Funds                                                         

Unrestricted Funds                                 10,531.74                                              10,468.46

                                                                                  10,531.74                                    10,468.46